Talent is a source of technological innovation


Huitong Chemical has about 480 employees now and among them there are 23 senior engineers, 86 intermediate engineers, 220 junior engineers. They all have many years practical experience of chemical engineering design、equipment development and site construction. Huitong Chemical develops with production、study and research, and builds the academic deliberation atmosphere, in the last few years, our staffs had published hundreds of technology papers in domestic and foreign magazine publication, participate in more than ten scientific and technological projects, 5 have won country technological advancement award, 6 have won provincial level technological advancement award, 2 enjoy particular subsidy of the State Council. Huitong Chemical formulated a full set of management mechanism to fetch in talented person, to train talent person and keep talented person, talent development idea has been introducing more and more practical talented person. 


Complete personnel system

  Company developed a set of introduction and training talents and retain talent management system, people-oriented development concept for the enterprise nurtured a growing number of high-level practical skills. Long-term recruitment of various chemical design, pressure vessel design, control system configuration and other aspects of personnel