Polyester project  

  My company is mainly engaged in the early days of PET technology transfer and engineering services, is the first polyester engineering company, has 20 years, promoting China's polyester industry technology advances, the first batch made from a single line of 5,000 tons / year, to 7500 tons / year, 10,000 tons / year in 2000 to achieve the maximum 20,000 tons / year. 70% of the domestic construction intermittent, semi-continuous line, total capacity of 200 tons of product launch formula are: Bright, semi-dull, dull, cationic (CDP, ECDP), low melting point, flame retardant, water-soluble, membrane level, bottle, hot melt adhesives, engineering plastics and many other differential varieties

Technology categories:


Varieties can be divided in accordance with: PET, PBT, PET and other conventional varieties, including a large bright, cationic water-soluble and other special varieties.
Can be divided according to size: laboratory test, intermittent output of 5,000 tons -2 ten thousand tons of polyester, ten thousand tons annual production capacity of 30 000 -20 continuous polyester.
Accordance with the process can be divided into: 2 or 3 vessel intermittent flow reactor, a continuous flow reactor 5, 4 continuous flow reactor, a continuous flow reactor 3, 2 continuous flow reactor.
Can be divided according to use: with the staple, filament with civil, engineering plastics, industrial wire use, bottles, films with the other.
Specific technologies include: differential continuous polyester, liquid tackifier, a low-carbon energy-saving, melt transport, waste recycling polymer technology


>>> Continuous polyester plant (five-reactor process / four-reactor process /two-reactor process);

>>> Liquid polymerization plant (industrial yarn grade / bottle grade)

>>> Semi-continuous polyester plant

>>> Pilot plant

>>> Melt later adding technology

>>> Bottle flakes recycling technology

>>> Old plant modification from Batch-poly to CP

>>> Old plant expansion modification

>>> Flexible differential modification

>>> Energy and consumption saving modification

>>> Product variety formula



  PET Alcoholysis Repolymerization

  It adopts the know-how of alcoholysis and equipment from Yangzhou Huitong Chemical Engineering Technology Corp. Ltd. Under the certain process condition, through alcoholysis to make the recycled waste silk, waste edge silk, waste cloth and other waste and old textile products to be BHET. After multiple filtering, then enters into polymerization reaction to produce high quality PET melt for the use of chips and spinning. EG, which generated by system, enters into EG recycling system for treatment after condenser. The recycled ethylene glycol can be reused.