Continuous polyester plant  

¡¡¡¡In 1996, Huitong Chemical started independent R&D for five-reactor process continuous polymerization. In 2000, Huitong Chemical succeeded in completing Jiangyin Huahong 80,000TPA continuous polymerization project, by now we have completed more than 30 continuous polymerization projects, single line minimum capacity amounted to 30 ton/day, maximum capacity amounted to 720 ton/day, we have four-reactor process and five-reactor process, related products are: bright¡¢semi-dull¡¢full-dull¡¢cationic dryable (CDP¡¢ECDP) ¡¢film grade¡¢bottle grade¡¢low melting point¡¢ water-soluble and so on.


Huitong CP technical features:

Stability of advanced technology
¡ø Higher esterification rate, less side reaction

¡ø EG online recovery with full recycling technology, low consumption

¡ø Polycondensation vacuum system without choking, stable production

¡ø Vapor phase¡¢liquid phase common use, complement each other's advantages


2¡¢High efficient and reliable main equipment
¡ø Process column adopt guided float valve tower, high separation efficiency, low energy consumption

¡ø Vertical-type pre-polycondensation reactor, low energy consumption, good uniformity

¡ø Unique cage-type polycondensation agitator, large filming area, high efficiency


3¡¢Energy conservation and consumption saving

    • Heating or cooling by esterification top water steam, providing heat or cold for spinning and office


    4¡¢Fully automatic control
    ¡ø Distributed control system (DCS)

    ¡ø DCS system have connection interface for local network (LAN)

    ¡ø Special equipment or unit directly controlled by on-site control panel

    ¡ø Explosion-proof instruments are mainly used onsite with safety barrier

    ¡ø Standard electrical signal (DC4-20mA)

    ¡ø Each reactor has material level reverse control, good stability

    ¡ø Feed-forward control between the final product and the slurry in order to reduce the lag

    ¡ø Timely and effective control for melt viscosity
    ¡øParameters self-tuning, good system stability



Five-reactor process
Five-reactor polymerization technology is the most classic and most reliable continuous polymerization production technology, low temperature¡¢low molar ratio, mild reaction, safe and reliable, stable production, good operation, capacity operation with big flexibility, high product quality


Four-reactor process
Four-reactor polymerization technology is the most popular and most advanced continuous polymerization production technology, this polymerization process is between three-reactor and five-reactor, and it is improved based on five-reactor polymerization process, which not only retains the low-temperature¡¢low molar ratio technological features, but also shorten the process, investment cost and lower production consumption.

Two-reactor process
¡¡¡¡Now our company is developing two-reactor polymerization technology, this process is fully using melt body¡¯s gravity and thermodynamics technology, adopt non-agitator reactor¡¢full use of waste heat and so on new technologies, less investment and running cost, it will be pushed to the peak of continuous polymerization technology.