Energy and consumption saving modification  

  Use of esterification steam thermal energy
  Through heat exchange, the thermal energy of process steam generated by esterification will be absorbed and made into hot water. In summer, the hot water can be used for producing cooling water for cooler. In winter, the hot water can supply heat to the workshop or office in order to reduce the AC usage; moreover, the process steam can also be recycled by suction cooler. Therefore, energy can be saved and the quantity of circulation water, power and water consumption can be reduced after modification. Take 200,000 TPA CP Plant for example, 4,500,000 RMB can be saved for one year.。

  HTM boiler modification: Oil (gas) to Coal
  Huitong Chemical first solved the unstability of heating supply of coal fire heater and first applied the coal fire heater to continuous polyester plant. Since coal is much cheaper than oil and gas, cost can be therefore highly reduced. Take 200,000 TPA CP Plant for example, 24,000,000 RMB can be saved for one year. 。

  Optimization of circulation water system
  Huitong Chemical has its unique design for circulation water system. The potential energy of water is fully adopted to reduce the electricity consumption halved。

  Optimization of process system
  Huitong Chemical, having its unique technical advantages, can provide process system modification according to customer¨s requirement. It can work out process bottle neck, increase the plant capacity, optimize process parameter, increase the product quality and reduce the energy consumption。

  Process modification
  Based on our technological advantage、engineering experience and continually developed new technologies, Huitong Chemical can provide customers with a range of technological modification, thereby changing the device's performance, improving product quality and increasing differential varieties, besides it will save energy, enhance economic efficiency and the competitiveness of enterprises。