Liquid polymerization  

  Liquid polymerization means add one liquid polymerization reactor after the final polycondensation reactor to increase polyester melt viscosity through special working conditions, one-step method can directly produced higher viscosity polyester melt, it can be used for direct spinning industry yarn and bottle production. This technology can replace solid state polymerization (SSP), and significantly reduce customer investment and operating costs


  Liquid polymerization technology is our original technology with independent intellectual property rights on behalf of the advanced technology in the world, breaking a number of technical problems, such as hard to increase polyester IV under melt condition、many side reactions、easily degradable、easily carbonized coke and transportation difficulties, it can totally replace the traditional solid-state polymerization.

  Liquid polymerization technology also can be used for producing high-grade products --- POY、FDY、staple fiber and other products by PET wastes(bottle flakes、film piece、foam material、oligomers).

Direct spinning industrial yarn by liquid polymerization technology
  Our company has successfully launched direct spinning industrial yarn project by liquid polymerization technology, it already recognized by our customers. The viscosity can reach 0.95; continuous polymerization one-step method can realize direct spinning high strength industrial yarn. The technology can be extended to other areas of polymerization