Semi continuous polymerization(Batch polymerization)  

  According to customer¨s requirement, Huitong Chemical can supply all kinds of batch, semi-continuous polyester plant
  Huitong semi-continuous polyester alternative to traditional batch plant


Technical features:

  Slurry preparation system can complete the preparation of modified polyester raw material, catalysts and additives can be added at low temperature


  Addition of second esterification reactor (pre-condensation) facilitate production of differential products, meanwhile it is easy to change product without cleaning reactor, and also avoid start-stop loss and generated waste materials, it can carry on pre-condensation reaction in the second esterification reactor to improve production.


  Vacuum system adopts EG vapor jet pump, EG is completely recycled, saving energy and reducing the amount of generated wastewater.


  It is suitable for developing and producing small-lot differential polyester products