Pilot plant  


    • ¡ø Used for laboratorial polymerization reaction, also offering low-volume, high value-added production purpose£»
      • ¡ø Fully simulated industrial production, directed at industrial engineering design£»
        • ¡ø Single line-1L to 1000L (batch type) (more than 1000L called production plant);
          • ¡øSingle line 300L to 3000L (continuous type) (more than 3000L called production plant);
            • ¡øIn the batch mode contains one or two reactor, in continuous mode contains three or four reactor
            ¡ødesigned vertical-type reactor, cage-type agitator, no dead angle high heat exchange efficiency tube-type reactor£»
            • ¡øComputer control system (PLC/DCS)
              • ¡øIndependent development of controlled detection technology more suitable for the development of science and research
                • ¡øSelf-designed electric heating system, stepless temperature control, safe and reliable
                  • ¡ø Application:PBT,PET,PEN,PTT,TPU,PU,PMMA,PLA,SSP,PAN,PAM,PDS/PPDO,PA6,PA66, PBS, HMA£¬....
                    • ¡ø Complete sets of equipment containing excellent quality and advanced technology design
                      • ¡ø Development experience and achievement from many polymer plants¡£