Bottle flakes recovery technology  

¡¡¡¡3,000 ~ 30,000 tons / year bottle flakes regenerated materials direct spinning filament by melting method, it is suitable for spinning by original chips or bottle flakes, single line capacity can up to 30,000 tons.

¡¡¡¡Glycolysis heavy polymerization plant is suitable for processing purified bottle flakes material, remove all mechanical and most organic impurities, to achieve first-grade index of polyester products.

¡¡¡¡The special glycolysis polycondensation reactor will be used for bottle flakes regenerated materials, which can realize the glycolysis¡¢polymerization process in one integrated equipment, it solve the glycolysis and solid-state polymerization for bottle flakes regenerated materials, this technology can increase bottle flakes material¡¯s viscosity directly, its application is for bottle, film, sheets and packaging.

¡¡¡¡Solve the key problem for continuous heave polymerization


Technical features£º

    • ¡ø After the treatment by melting method direct spinning device, the original yarn¡¯s spinnability is greatly improved, breakage rates decreased, increased rate of full winder, POY¡¯s elastic can significantly improved, interference effect of raw material decreased, the uniformity and stability of spinning is improved¡£

      • ¡ø It can significantly reduce quality demand of bottle flakes regenerated materials, directly reduced material cost, meanwhile reducing drying requirements to solve drying and filtering problems for bottle flakes regenerated materials£»

        • ¡ø Whether direct spinning POY filament, or producing high quality industrial yarn, or extruded sheet, film, or bottle to bottle process, we can fully adopt this technology to improve the quality alternative to expensive complex special extrusion equipment, and it is flexibility to add various additives, such as: TiO2, masterbatch, whitening agent, catalyst, chain extender, etc;£»

        ¡ø This bottle flakes recovery technology is green, small footprint, and compact, only a limited production processing costs increased¡£

          • ¡ø Newly bottle flakes regenerated materials spinning color yarn production technology, can realize the color of each box independently. The original yarn ground-colour can be controlled to ensure a small color difference¡£