PBT project  

  Huitong Chemical provides PBT production plant by direct esterification, continuous polycondensation technology from purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and 1,4-Butanediol (BDO). After absorbing foreign advanced PBT production technology, Huitong developed its unique PBT production technology which combined its own technology and experience。

The PBT plant we offered is advanced in process and reliable in equipments. The cost, raw material consumption and energy consumption is low so the market competitiveness is very strong.


Main technical features

1、Paste preparation adopts Huitong unique PTA-BDO agitation technology, low equipment investment, low running cost and high reliability。
2、Main process flow use three-reactor process, the production process is short。
3、Process column adopts new type column, equipment cost is low, separation efficiency is high, and it is also easy to control the production, BDO loss and wastewater treatment cost is low。
4、Vacuum system adopts BDO steam jet with lower energy consumption, moisture content is low in BDO steam condensate which can be recycled in the plant。
5、Using BDO all recycling process technology, do not need any special BDO recycling facilities; it can reduce energy consumption and BD unit consumption。

6、Exhaust water washing tower are used for washing exhaust, exhaust emissions meet environmental requirements。