Recycled polyester textile engineering

¡¡¡¡Entered after 2008, the global focus on energy and environmental context, the first to benefit through increased technological innovation, committed to saving energy, recycling, emission reduction. A series of new technology: no stirred tank reactor, the use of cooling tower heat, water vapor mentioned esterification burning heat, liquid tackifying industrial yarn spinning, and then recycled aggregate materials such as spinning yarn.

Use back with a bottle chip production POY, FDY

¡¡¡¡This process works with a continuous polyester filament spinning experience, the use of liquid tackifier device modified to take into account the physical and chemical methods to improve the quality of bottle flakes melt, regulate and stabilize the viscosity of bottle flakes to extract and separation of low molecular weight compound flake material and PVC and other non-PET material, to improve the purity of the melt will lead to better bottle flakes spinning filament spinning, increase product volume rate of full and narrow straight with the original raw material spinning filament gap.

Bottle flakes recovery technology

¡¡¡¡The special glycolysis polycondensation reactor will be used for bottle flakes regenerated materials, which can realize the glycolysis¡¢polymerization process in one integrated equipment, it solve the glycolysis and solid-state polymerization for bottle flakes regenerated materials, this technology can increase bottle flakes material¡¯s viscosity directly, its application is for bottle, film, sheets and packaging

Producing bottle-grade chips by liquid polymerization technology

¡¡¡¡Based on the successful production of high viscosity industrial yarn by liquid polymerization technology, we continues to develop new process and new technology to produce bottle-grade chips by one-step method, which can completely eliminate solid state polymerization (SSP) process, reducing bottle-grade chips¡¯ investment and operating costs¡£

Newly bottle flakes regenerated materials spinning color yarn production technology, can realize the color of each box independently. The original yarn ground-colour can be controlled to ensure a small color difference