Nylon (PA66) project  

  Huitong Chemical absorbed home and abroad technical advantages of Nylon 66 continuous polymerization technology, and successful launched nylon 66 continuous polymerization equipment and technology which is suitable for market requirement. Description as follows:
Adipic acid and hexamethylene diamine are raw material, after the salt reaction the nylon 66 salt solution was generated: nylon 66 prepolymer was generated after concentration tank and reactor: nylon 66 macromoleclar polymer melt was generated after normal pressure reactor and pressure relief reactor. This melt can be direct spinning industry yarn, high strength industrial yarn or various viscosity chips.

Technical merit

  1.Reasonable process design, stable production process and uniform product quality。

  2.Automatic control to reduce the disturbance of human factor and ensure the product quality。

  3.Convenient in adjusting products. The related viscosity of nylon 66 polymer can be selected between 2.4 and 3.1. Nylon 66 civil yarn、super-strength industrial yarn and engineering plastics all can be produced according to different market demand。

  4.Turnkey project. Huitong Chemical provides the complete Nylon 66 plant and technical service for customers。

  5.Huitong Chemical helps the customers for further processing research and marketing promotion based on its practical knowledge and experience。