H2O2 project  

  HT Technology now has the advanced process in hydrogen peroxide. One is fixed bed process and the other is fluidized bed process. Low production consumption, high product quality, investment cost performance and safe reliability. Upon customers¨ requirement, we can also make technical transfer and project contracting in hydrogen peroxide production plant.



1.Anthraquinone process features for fixed bed

  Hydrogenation system adopts the newest efficient Pd-catalyst in domestic for anthraquinone fixed bed process. Reasonable layout and optimal design of internals reduce the bias and channeling. High hydrogenation efficiency and long catalyst service life. It will be of great importance in the stable normal production. Oxidation system optimizes the oxidation tower. Reasonable layout design and high oxidation yield, which realized the complete oxidation under the high hydrogenation efficiency. According to the request of the customer and national environmental protection, expansion refrigeration and carbon fiber recycling aromatic process can be selected for the treatment of oxidation off-gas. Unit consumption of heavy aromatics is low. Method of coalescence is used for extraction, which further enhances the product quality.
Working solution optimization makes the production more safety and the operation easier.

  2. Process features for fluidized bed production

  (1) Adopts efficient fluidized bed special Pd-catalyst and low pressure oxidation technology to reach high hydrogenation efficiency and low power.

  (2) Adopts new type of working solution composition to obtain larger anthraquinone solubility, higher hydrogenation level and oxidation yield and increase the oxidation distribution coefficient.

  (3) Adopts efficient extraction tower to make the H2O2 content reach 38-40% in the extract. Superior product quality.

  (4) Adopts vacuum dewatering and drying for working solution treatment. Greatly simplifies the process flow. Product quality is higher. No acid-base neutralization inorganic salt is contained. Production is safer.
  (5) Fluidized bed has obvious technology advantage and advancement. Security production, material unit consumption, energy consumption, product quality, equipment, production efficiency and others are all superior to the current domestic technology. The product can directly meet the special requirements of caprolactam and propylene oxide production to the H2O2 quality. Moreover, the product is also benefit for the further production of the concentration product, food grade, electronic grade and medical grade H2O2.